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Sell Your Car Fast, Easy, Safe and Free

A couple times in life we may find ourself in a position to sell my car or sell a unwanted car or truck. This can be stressful or even uncomfortable to sell my car. Where do I start, how much should I ask for the car? How much do I clean the car up? Typically trading in a car to a dealer backless challenging because they typically want to buy your car only if you buy another car from them. They call this a trade in. Sell your car to us and buy a car from us at the same time. So what if I just want to sell my car or truck?

Need to sell your car fast, easy, free and safe? is the top rated Car and Truck Buying Service in Arizona. We spoke with car buyers Arizona and they have been buying cars and trucks in the Phoenix Metro area since 1999. They are top rated and have been voted best car buying service in Phoenix year after year. They have been described as fair and honest. They will buy your car or truck in nearly any condition. They come to your home or office and buy your car, truck, van, motorcycles, motormen or SUV. The handle all the paperwork and will even tow your car for free. Contact car buyers Arizona who will buy my car, sell my car or cash for cars Phoenix.

Get cash for your car today. Car buyers Arizona is very interested in buying and purchasing any any vehicle, and condition and of any year or make or model. They will come to you or you your office to purchase your car. We Buy Cars and Trucks for Cash. Contact them for a free quote.

We buy cars, get cash for cars anywhere in the Phoenix Metro Area. They even provide a free quote with no obligation.
Selling your car is as easy as three steps.

1.) Call them at 602.696.4570,
2.) Get an Offer
3.) Sold. They will buy any car, they will come to you with a fair offer and bring cash. One phone call does it all in Arizona.

Don’t trade in your car to a car dealer. Car dealers have tons of overhead and they do not give my much money on trade in. They typically do not want used cars on there lot. Therefore they will not give you much money for your trade. If they do give you a lot for your car they have inflated they price of they car you are buying.

Car Buyers Arizona, 602.696.4570 will even purchase your car cheaper then our CarMax. CarMax will buy your car and then sell them at Aution, therefore , they need to get these car really really cheap to make it worth there time. Car Buyers Arizona is a local company who we recommend you do business with. Buy and sell cars locally to local companies.

If you need to “ sell my Car “ Buy my car” “who buys cars” call now 602.696.4570

carbuyerSell Your Car Fast, Easy, Safe and Free
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How To Sell Used Car or Truck in Phoenix AZ

Some day you may find your self in a need to sell a car or truck. So how do I sell my used car or truck in Phoenix? Who buys cars? Who buys cars for cash in Phoenix? Is it safe to sell a car online? These questions come up often. So you go to google and type in a few good keywords like sell my car or buy my car. Maybe who buys cash for cars Phoenix and where to sell used cars for cash.

I suggest a few things, First, I suggest you deal with a reputable company who does this full time. I suggest a company with a website and one who has been in business for a while . We found to be a great company in Phoenix Arizona. I suggest not using sites like Craigslist or Offer Up because you do not know who you are dealing with. They can rob you and your car so I do not suggest this for safety reasons.

I would search buy my car Phoenix, car buyer Phoenix, car buyers in Phoenix Arizona, we buy car Phoenix, used car buyers Phoenix Arizona. This can give you good results to start selling your car with safety in mind. Second, price the car to sell or ask what a fair price is for the car or truck in as-in condition. Give your car some curb appeal but do not over do it. You may not get the money back out of it. Never ever take a check, money order or any form of payment other then cash. I suggest you meet at a bank parking lot that has cameras in cash something happens. Use a bank that you bank with, this way you can deposit the cash after the transaction is complete. Always tell a friend you are going and tell them you are going to sell your used car.

At your bank, you can collect the cash, deposit it and notarized the title all in one place. Your will need to bring the title with you to sell your used car or truck. The bank will notarize the title for you so you can transfer the title. You then go to the department of Motor vehicles to transfer the title after payment. Always take you license plate with you so you can turn it in. Sometimes you will get a credit for unused registration.

To summarize, find a great car buying service such as online. Search keywords to find these places like buy my car, sell my car. Check your value in Kelly Blue Book, price the car to sell. Meet at your bank to show anyone the car, negotiate the price, get the cash and put it in your bank, sign the tile and grab your license plate. You can use companies like at 602.696.4570 to sell your used car for a fair price that is a safe way to sell your vehicle.

carbuyerHow To Sell Used Car or Truck in Phoenix AZ
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Better to Sell Your OLD Car than Bear the Cost of the Same Parked in Garage

Cars are everyone’s fancy. Many times people have this urge to just buy cars and for many it’s a necessity. For the latter, car is like an inevitable part of their life and their life seems impossible without one. Especially when it comes to commuting by car to your work place, it’s a very important part of your everyday. On the contrary there are many for whom car is just a fad and they want to just get the latest piece so as to quench their desire of having the latest car with them.

sell your old car than keeping it in garage

Selling your car parked in the garage

But one must never forget the way buying a car is a tough part on the pocket the same way maintaining a car is equally taxing. The bills on oil and spare parts of car continue to escalate, especially if your car is standing in the garage. Thus it is always advisable that if you have a car standing in the garage, it’s better to sell the same before it turns out to be a burden on you. Also best to sell if the age of the car is not on your side to get you a good value. Well, putting up your car for sale is also a Herculean task. You have to be smart as well as careful so that you can get the best deal for your car.

Car Upkeep

As an owner it is your duty to keep your car in the most prim and proper manner so that it gives the most perfect impression to the perspective buyer. You must keep it clean from the inside and polished from the outside. Not just this all the fluids in the car should be at the right level so that whenever you plan a drive with a perspective buyer you don’t face an embarrassing situation. Apart from all this, the paper work of your car must be in the most perfect order. The insurances of the car, documents, and registration everything should be just right. Another thing which must be taken care off is that as one begins the car showcase process its good to get your car evaluated so that you get to know a bit on the range that you one should be expecting. This will keep you realistic in your expectations and will not leave you frustrated with the thought that the price is less to what you expected.

At the end of the day rather taking all the tension on yourself there is no harm in selling used car to cash automotive buyers who can pay you maximum dollar for your car without any hassle. After all peace of mind and satisfaction is all that matters.

carbuyerBetter to Sell Your OLD Car than Bear the Cost of the Same Parked in Garage
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Sell Your Car Today For Cash in Phoenix AZ

We are cash investors buy any car truck or van running or not. That’s right any year make or model, we buy them all. We buy cars in Phoenix for the most cash, and we can buy your vehicle within the hour. We operate in Phoenix and all surrounding cities, and we make selling a car or truck very simple. We buy junk cars also, don’t let your vehicle sit in your driveway or in your yard rotting away, turn it into cash.

We make it easy to sell your car or truck with these easy steps.
Just call us up and get an instant quote within minutes, we have expert car buyers ready to give your car guaranteed price for your vehicle. Please have all the necessary paperwork ready, the title, registration and any other relevant information about the vehicle. Our cash for cars Phoenix office we schedule a pick-up for your vehicle at your convenience.

Contact our car buying service today and sell your car or truck the easy way. Why try to sell it on your own and have to hassle with posting ads and having strangers coming over your house. We offer a very competitive price for all types of vehicles. Call our cash for car Phoenix hotline and find out about us and the great service that we provide.

carbuyerSell Your Car Today For Cash in Phoenix AZ
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How to Quickly Sell Trucks and Cars in Phoenix

In the Phoenix Metro area, there are plenty of options to selling a truck or car fast. One way is to take your car down to a car dealership and trade it in. Most car dealerships in Phoenix or Scottsdale will only take a trade in if your buying a new car. Most dealerships are not interested in just buying your car without you buying another car off the car lot. The good news is there is a way to sell your car or truck fast for cash and from a reputable car and truck buying service. No not craigslist, this option requires buyers to come over your home and negotiate at your home. Selling a car on craigslist is not for everybody, it requires a lot of time and sometimes it can be dangerous. People in the Phoenix metro and Scottsdale area are using www.carbuyersarizona. People call this services at 602.696.4570 to have a professional service come over and give them a reasonable no hassle quote on the spot. This is a safe easy and fast service to handling getting rid of a unwanted car or truck.

carbuyerHow to Quickly Sell Trucks and Cars in Phoenix
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Car Buyers Arizona pays Cash for Cars

At, we have been buying used cars and unwanted cars in Scottsdale,Phoenix,Gilbert,Mesa,Tempe since 1993. We are a trusted cash for cars company in Arizona. You might ask yourself, how to sell my car for fast cash quickly, simply call us today at 602.696.4570 and we will come see the vehicle or car in hours. We come to you! We will give you a cash offer on the spot. Its that easy, we are fast easy and free. 

carbuyerCar Buyers Arizona pays Cash for Cars
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Car Maintenance Checklist

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car maintenance tips


Click Image to view other critical car maintenance issues that drivers usually ignored.  We got the grease from multiple auto professionals to come up with a list of these 5 car maintenance issues you shouldn’t ignore.


carbuyerCar Maintenance Checklist
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Old Junk Car In Your Back Yard Could Be Worth Money!

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One thing you may not realize is that those old rusty cars and trucks that you have cluttering up your backyard can actually be worth money too. Maybe you have a good car that is simply not being used.


You may sell your old junk vehicles through online classified sites such as Ebay and Craigslist that may bring you surprising results.

online sell car for cash

You never know what people are searching for at any given time. but when selling on Ebay you may need to pay huge fees before listing, and if you have a PayPal account don’t forget to check with their fees as well. Craigslist is free, but selling with either of these companies keep in mind safety first.

If you’re looking to sell your old broken car or other vehicle fast in any city in Arizona, get an instant offer from Car Buyers Arizona right now. The online evaluation is free and there is no obligation to do anything further. purchased almost 5,000 vehicles online from customers just like yourself. People call us all over Arizona to help them get ride of unwanted cars and trucks. We are fast easy and free. We are a cash car buying service. Many people do not want to deal with selling a car on there own. There is a risk to selling a car yourself. That is why clients call us because it is hassle free to sell your car for a fair price.

car buyers arizona

We Buy Cars in Any Condition

Remember, will come by and give you a cash offer on the spot for any car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, boat or RV running or not. Yes, we buy cars and trucks in any condition. It doesn’t even matter if they run or not. As a matter of fact they can be in horrible condition we pay you in cash instantly for it.

carbuyerOld Junk Car In Your Back Yard Could Be Worth Money!
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